2023 Pulaski County Citizen of the Year

Mayor of Uranus, Louie Keen

Congratulations Louie Keen, Mayor of Uranus and Pulaski County 2023 Citizen of the Year

It’s already been a Banner Year for the Honorable Mayor and it’s only going to get better. Following a public outcry for his humbleness to get the recognition he deserves, some patriots finally made their move to create this new annual award.

Few have deserved it more:

  • More than a dozen people have called him “Handsome” and about as many, “humble”
  • He creates a bunch of jobs
  • He brings in a bunch of tax money for the community
  • Many have called for the County to be renamed after him

    The few “local characters”* who have opposed his great leadership and burgeoning Rap music career are mostly shunned by normal folks.

    * “Local character” is our southern polite way of saying “dumbshit”.